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“Every human brain is both a broadcasting and receiving station for the vibration of thought.”
– Napoleon Hill

“Streamline Tutors propels any student the ability to drastically improve their ACT or SAT scores.”


“Streamline Tutors provided the tools and confidence to allow my son to rapidly achieve measurably improved ACT results.”


Neurofeedback + Performance Coaching

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We turn brilliant potential into brilliant performance.

>A neurofeedback-driven roadmap to your Native Brilliance. 

>Holistic investigation to address root causes impeding performance.

>Performance coaching grounded in the latest in neuroscience & psychology. Learn more.

“When it comes to performance, there is no greater variable than your child’s brain. The path to addressing challenges with standardized testing and interviews becomes obvious when you deeply understand each student’s conscious experience of life.”

Ian Siegel

CEO & Founder

Streamline Learning

Good bye limiting beliefs. Hello brilliance.

Who benefits most from Native Brilliance Coaching?

High IQ students

Having high IQ boils down to having strong pattern-recognition skills and a powerful working memory. These strengths are often paired with challenges with flexible, multi-perspective thinking, limiting their pace of learning and ability to perform at their potential on standardized tests and interviews. This makes performance in high-stakes situations challenging for students with high IQ.

High EQ students

Brain patterns associated with high emotional intelligence are often correlated with challenges with processing information (decoding symbols and/or auditory information + working memory challenges).  This makes performing in high-stress situations difficult: processing challenges are exacerbated and social anxiety spikes.

Students with learning/pysch challenges

Most learning and psychological challenges result from chronic neurological stress. Instead of letting these challenges limit the pace and depth of learning, children have the power to change their brains. By recognizing sources of stressors acting on your brain and developing awareness of your brain wave patterns, you can transform your ability to perform when it counts.

"Bad Test Takers"

When there’s a gap between test-taking abilities and intelligence, we find that students need help developing the right thought patterns around confronting and integrating new frameworks. Helping students understand brain patterns associated with experiencing a threat helps them get out of that mindset (and shift neurological patterns) while taking a standardized test.

Students experiencing "school rejection"

Through our work and investigation, we’ve found that students experiencing “school rejection” are also likely to be experiencing chronic neuro-inflammation. This translates to students struggling with brains that feel like they’re on fire. By addressing sources of neurological stress and shifting brain wave patterns, students experiencing “school rejection” can feel like themselves again and return to learning at their pace.

"I'm smart but bad at..."

  • standardized tests

  • interviews

  • managing school + happiness

"High-pressure situations make me feel..."

  • anxious/stressed

  • distracted/frustrated

  • depressed/overwhelmed

"I struggle with..."


  • procrastination

  • over-studying

  • being present

Sound like your child?

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Native Brilliance EEG Roadmap: $250

It takes 1 hour to get 4 angles on your brain that will transform your understanding of your potential for brilliant performance when it counts.  We use the best assessments in the industry to customize your path to your Native Brilliance.  Availability begins
March 1st.

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Native Brilliance
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A medical protocol to make life brilliant.

Our Partners in Brilliance

Dr. Scott McMahon

Dr. Scott McMahon


Dr. McMahon is the national leader in treatment and research into pediatric Chronic Inflammation and its effect on children’s brain health. Dr. McMahon has treated thousands of families and continues to pioneer our latest understanding of brain health as a trained practitioner in the Shoemaker Protocol.

Dr. Katherine Smith

Dr. Katherine Smith


Dr. Katherine Smith is a licenced family and individual therapist specializing in emotional family systems and internal emotional systems.  She’s one of the most sought-after therapists in the DMV area, and she’s a constant reminder that learning is a family thing because she’s CEO Ian Siegel’s mom.