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“One of the greatest discoveries a person makes, one of their great surprises, is to find they can do what they were afraid they couldn’t do.”
“Streamline Tutors propels any student the ability to drastically improve their ACT or SAT scores.”


“Streamline Tutors provided the tools and confidence to allow my son to rapidly achieve measurably improved ACT results.”


Streamline Learning

Brilliance Buddies

High school students don’t need another teacher. They need a buddy that has their back and knows the ropes to excelling in high school and excelling in college admissions.

At Streamline, we know that success in high school and college admissions boils down to developing skills in key areas and fearlessly pursuing your passions.

Brilliance Buddies Pathways pairs successful former Streamline students who have developed the skills to score in the top 5% of the SAT or ACT and are thriving at a highly selective university with high school students who need a buddy in brilliance.

 What do Brilliance Buddies help with?

  • Reading skills
  • Math skills
  • AP and Subject tutoring
  • College readiness mentorship


Streamline Learning

Integrate what you learn

Instead of accumulating knowledge to pass a test only to forget about it by the next topic, students who work with us integrate knowledge and skills for good through mastery learning. How? Imagine the impact of being asked 100 critical thinking questions about a topic. While that might happen over the course of a year in school, it happens every session with our Brilliance Buddies.  That’s why even a semester of Brilliance Buddies Pathways subscription can transform a student’s academic trajectory.

Streamline Learning

Service offering: $200/month subscription

Subject Tutoring/ Reading & Math Practice

Texting with academic advisor in between sessions

Academic Coaching & Learning Mentorship

Academic enrichment with year-long subscriptions to SmartyPrep

4 hours of tutoring over zoom per month

Streamline Learning

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