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“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.”
“Streamline Tutors propels any student the ability to drastically improve their ACT or SAT scores.”


“Streamline Tutors provided the tools and confidence to allow my son to rapidly achieve measurably improved ACT results.”


Streamline Learning

Brilliance Coaching, by Ian

 Too often, transitions in a student’s academic journey act as stressful threats to their self-esteem. What if those challenges could be opportunities to bring out the latent potential in every learner? CEO Ian Siegel’s 15,000+ hours of test prep coaching over the last decade and Streamline’s combined 50,000 hours as a 1-on-1 coaching company have informed the development of a transformative 1-on-1 practice that helps students perform when it counts.

Doing so involves the challenging work of unlocking the brilliant learner in every student. Grounded in insights captured in CEO Ian Siegel’s book, School Sucks, Your Child Doesn’t, our methodology doesn’t just make impressive improvements in school or standardized tests possible. Our work holistically transforms students as learners for life.

Ian Siegel

Chief Executive Officer
Vanderbilt University BA

“Working with me isn’t for everyone. I will change who you are as a student, as a person. I will see your potential and won’t stop pushing until you’ve reached it.”

Streamline Learning

Making the Connection, by Thom

What is flow state? In tutoring, it’s the experience that student and tutor share in which both tutor and student are learning at lightning pace. When this occurs, scores skyrocket, and students develop a new sense of identity around learning. The key to achieving flow state is grounded in the connection we develop with our students. In other words, we’re not teachers. We’re not drill sergeants. We’re your child’s Brilliance Coach.

Thom Stanton

Jedi Brilliance Coach

Kenyon College, BA

“When I work with students, I see potential in them that they don’t see in themselves. Brilliance Coaching for me is about helping students realize who they really are and what they’re actually capable of.”

Streamline Learning

Our Brilliance Coaches

Streamline’s Brilliance Coaches aren’t just instructional wizards and masters of the Socratic Method. They are oracles in understanding students’ capacities and defense mechanisms around learning. They identify the specific obstacles to unlocking student potential and craft their approach to help students become the learners they’re meant to be.


Oracle Brilliance Coach

  • BA in Writing Seminars and Film & Media Studies from Johns Hopkins University  
  • Specialities: SAT/ACT, GRE
  • 100K+ followers on TikTok!

Sebastian is humorous, sarcastic, and invested in forging meaningful relationships with his students through open communication and mutual respect. He will help you unlock the best version of yourself you can possibly be, provided you’re willing to put in the effort to make that change. It may not be easy, but Sebastian will make sure you’re having a good time every minute along the way.


Oracle Brilliance Coach

  • BA in Cognitive Sciences from Case Western Reserve
  • MBA & Masters of Public Policy from Carnegie Melon University 
  • Former Peace Corps volunteer working as a teacher in rural West Africa 
  • Daniel’s students see massive increases in confidence!
  • Specialities: SAT/ACT, The Tutorial

Nothing brings Daniel more satisfaction than creating a meaningful connection with a student and watching them exceed expectations. He believes in communication and collaboration as key stepping stones toward success. Daniel is eager to work with your student and make a meaningful connection that will help propel them to an exciting new chapter!