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“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulder of giants.” – Isaac Newton

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Ted Merwin, Ph.D., Essay Coach

Streamline Learning

Ted Merwin, Ph.D. is an award-winning author, teacher, scholar and  public speaker. Dr. Merwin’s essay coaching students have been admitted to Berkeley, USC, Boston University, Tulane, University of Richmond, Wake Forest, and many other elite institutions. He empowers each student to showcase their personality by displaying their own unique intellectual gift, habit of mind, and way of seeing the world that has enabled them to excel in high school. To read testimonials from former clients, please click on his website, yourwinningcollegeessay.com.

Dr. Brie Jeweler-Bentz, Independent Education Consultant

Streamline Learning

Dr. Jeweler-Bentz joined the School Counseling Group in 2009 and has several years of clinical experience in university counseling centers, including most recently, The George Washington University in Washington, DC. Dr. Jeweler-Bentz has also taught at the undergraduate and graduate level and has been a private academic tutor and college advisor for local area high school students. Prior to her graduate studies, Dr. Jeweler-Bentz worked as an undergraduate admissions officer for the University of Michigan. She was responsible for reviewing prospective freshman application materials and for making subsequent recommendations for admission. Dr. Jeweler-Bentz has a clinical interest in the stress that often accompanies the college application process, and she has given several lectures on the topic.

Streamline Learning


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