Not Happy with your SAT Score?

March 23, 2018

March 10th — it came and went. Maybe you took a prep class with your friends, maybe your mom ordered you one of those big scary workbooks. You did what everyone told you to do. But now, here we are. It’s March of your junior year, and your SAT score isn’t where it needs to be.

Don’t panic. There is a good news. For the first time in recent history, the ACT has opened up a July test date. For the second year running, the SAT has an August date. While some students prefer to have their standardized prep done and dusted before breaking out the air conditioners, many find they need to wait until spring before the machine is fully in gear.

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve thought about your test scores, but one thing is certain: what you were doing wasn’t working. That’s okay! You don’t need to start over. What you need is someone to sit down with you — someone who doesn’t just know the test like the back of their hand, but someone who will get to know you. Someone with the insight and expertise to hone in on your weaknesses and capitalize on your organic strengths. What you need is a Streamline Tutor.

You haven’t missed the opportunity to land your dream score, but now is the time to commit. You need to hit the three T’s of test prep:


First, you need to decide what test to prep for. We can help. Sign up for one of our free diagnostics, and you’ll receive a comprehensive consultation along with your scores.


You’ve got the July ACT, the June SAT, and the August SAT. If you start in April, you’ll have between two and four months of prep.


You need a tutor that best suits your learning style and schedule. Make sure your tutor knows you.  Don’t hide things you don’t understand.  Great tutors will tease out the rest.

In short, don’t freak out.  Just make sure the steps you take next are carefully considered.   And if you need a free consultation, just visit our website at  www.streamlinetutors.com and click the tab “learn more.”

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