Streamline Learning

Unlocking the brilliant learner in every student.

In a world where getting into college and reaching your potential in life feels like multivariable calculus, our tutors understand that the most important variable is you.

“Streamline Tutors propels any student the ability to drastically improve their ACT or SAT scores.”


“Streamline Tutors provided the tools and confidence to allow my son to rapidly achieve measurably improved ACT results.”



Streamline Learning

Take control of high school

At Streamline, we’ve created our own tutorial for ambitious 8th graders and high school students who have high hopes for college. We give our students an unsurpassed advantage by instilling critical reading skills, problem-solving skills, and study habits. The results are 2 standard deviations more effective than classroom learning. In short, we put students in control of their high school education.

We Uncover Each Student’s Unique Cognitive Potential

We use a 1-hr cognitive assessment to identify our students’ cognitive strengths and use that knowledge to cater our instruction accordingly.

We Identify Root Causes Impeding Their Potential

And then systematically address them:

  • Student self-perception, self-awareness, and motivation
  • Limiting beliefs and behavior patterns around learning
  • Environments that aren’t conducive to learning: virtual school during COVID, social media, and challenges with learning -differences/atypical learning styles in school

We hire and train the best tutors in the country

We equip our tutors with deep understanding of each student so they can craft customized instruction that capitalizes on the optimal way each student learns. 

Streamline Learning

Discovering your child’s potential


We begin with building a cognitive profile of your child’s skill set, then generate a 12-page document with teaching methodology. We also include a 30-minute consultation about building the road for your child’s academic success.

Streamline Learning


“Streamline was better than I could have imagined. They were immediately able to read our daughter, and figure out how to tap into her strengths and turn around her weaknesses. She scored a nearly perfect ACT and an 800 on the SAT II Math. Her performance on each standardized test improved significantly (SAT, ACT and others). Our daughter liked best that Ian took the time to get to know her, her personality, and her study style, and made his approach fit within those parameters. Time and money very well spent!”

By McDonogh Parent

Streamline Tutors propels any student the ability to drastically improve their ACT or SAT scores. Once a specific plan has been designed by Streamline’s professional educators, students who stay dedicated and work hard will clearly see major improvements. Streamline has a very low-key approach but a very specific plan for each student. We highly suggest contacting Streamline Tutors well in advance to set up a schedule at least 6 months prior to taking any standardized testing. It is true, the more guidance and practice you embark on, the higher your scores will be!”

By McDonogh Parent

“Streamline Tutors provided the tools and confidence to allow my son to rapidly achieve measurably improved ACT results. Where other tutors failed to connect with my son, Streamline Tutors drew my son into their process that clearly facilitated his success.”

By McDonogh Parent

Streamline Learning

What makes Streamline unique?

We begin by using customized, and adaptive, technologies to uncover the student’s weaknesses. Our top-of-the line tutoring along with the psychology of learning produce a student with more skillsets and the habit of wanting to learn. Our tutors are not only subject matter experts but they also motivate the student to become a lifetime learner.

Streamline Learning

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