“The Standard Pace is for Chumps:” How Expert Tutoring Leads to Exceptional Results

February 19, 2021

There’s no limit of pace when you learn from a Jedi master expert tutor.

In a blog post called “There’s No Speed Limit,” Derek Sivers tells the story of how he was able to graduate from Berklee college in just two and a half years. He learns two years of music theory in a few lessons from an expert tutor who teaches him at an intense, fast pace. 

His teacher’s high expectations “set a new pace” for the young musician. After all, “the standard pace is for chumps,” according to his teacher Kimo Williams. Williams believed that driven students could surpass expectations, going beyond the standard improvement in a system “designed so anyone can keep up.” 

It’s important to note that Williams wasn’t your ordinary tutor. He was a Berklee grad himself and had taught there as well. Williams had a masterful understanding of the material that allowed him to boil down over two years of instruction into 5 short lessons.

Furthermore, Williams created a learning environment where exceptional achievement was the standard. Williams’ high expectations pushed Sivers to learn at a pace he wasn’t used to in school. “If you’re more driven than most people,” said Sivers, “You can do way more than anyone expects.”

Although graduating from college in half the time may seem impressive, it is a commonplace transformation among expert tutors. With 1-on-1 tutoring, the combination of a Jedi master tutor, raised expectations, an intense pace, and personalized instruction leads to great improvement consistently. Sivers learned that he could do “way more than the norm.”  There’s no speed limit.

While Sivers’ and Williams’ experience happens in the realm of music, these results can occur in any field where an expert tutor and 1-on-1 instruction collide. Expert tutoring leads to exceptional results.

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