Case Study 1: Unearthing Latent Obstacles To A Student’s Test Prep Success

January 10, 2018

Executive Summary:

Miles’ profile was decisively average — a Gilman student with a GPA in the low 90s, starting PSAT score around 1250 without prepping for the test. He was your typical bright kid who wasn’t putting in as much effort as he could. At least, that’s what everyone thought. We noticed something deeper.


Miles’ IQ was in the 99th percentile; his processing speed was below 20th percentile. We wouldn’t find that out until we conducted a full battery of educational testing. It took a lot of work to get us there. The parents were resistant. “Isn’t extra time cheating? There’s nothing wrong with my kid!” Unfortunately, in the traditional classroom setting, a high IQ can mask certain learning differences. When a child is earning good grades and keeping up with the material, parents and teachers don’t always recognize red flags.


Miles’ sessions with Streamline told a different story. Miles was constantly asking his tutor to slow down: he needed extremely tedious notes. The way information entered into his head was singular and occasionally jarring. He approached concepts in unique ways. He needed several moments to internalize his tutor’s instructions — but once he learned something, he never forgot it. What’s more, he complained he never had enough time in school to finish tests or assignments. It all clicked.

Streamline’s Intervention:

Once the results were in, it was clear what we needed to do. Miles’ tutor adjusted his teaching style to better suit his students needs. At the same time, we walked his parents through the process of applying for extra time. Finally, Miles was approved for extra time on both the SAT and ACT. At this point, we had come to know his strengths and weaknesses very well, and they all pointed to the ACT. We at Streamline Tutors pivoted to prepping for the test that showcased his talents and abilities.


Miles earned a perfect score on the ACT, and now attends a university within the top 15 of the nation!

If you suspect your child to be flying under the radar, or are interested in availing your child of the same quality education and level of advocacy as Miles had access to, contact us or sign up to take a free diagnostic exam today!

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