Case Study 5: The “Bad Test-Taker”

February 1, 2018

Executive Summary:

Anthony was a middle of the road Park student starting at an 1120 on his diagnostic SAT. He had great grades, but his performance on the SAT didn’t seem to match. Parents were struggling to come up with an explanation, but Streamline knew exactly what to do.


From the start, Anthony came in very nervous. He was freezing up and running out of time. On some problems, he felt like he had no idea how to get started. His confidence was draining away. Was the content the main challenge, or was it insecurity? If he was doing so well in school, where was all this coming from?


Students exposed to Park’s unusual curriculum have pronounced strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the SAT. The humanities focus advances reading comprehension, but the lack of emphasis on certain math and grammar concepts can leave students up the creek. In addition, Park doesn’t ask it’s students to take many formal tests, and when they do, they aren’t timed in most cases. As a result, many are unaccustomed to managing the performance anxiety that comes with a standardized testing environment.

Streamline’s Intervention: 

From the start, the score breakdown told the whole story. Anthony’s reading score was much higher than his grammar score. His math was predictably mixed. He could tackle the hardest problems on concepts he had learned in school. His challenges were with the material he had never been exposed to. We saw enormous potential for growth. It wasn’t a mystery — Streamline has seen enough Park students to recognize the pattern right away.


Anthony shed the “bad test-taker” image and earned a 1360 on the SAT!

If you think your student could benefit from the same targeted approach, reach out to us today or sign your child up to take a free diagnostic.

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