5 SAT Skills That Will Stay With You Forever

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March 12, 2020

Most of us are aware that the SAT and ACT are important for college admissions purposes, and many students prepare for the SAT just to get the score they need to get into their choice college. However, the tests also emphasize some skills that can be utilized in the real world, and taking prep seriously can have long lasting effects that go beyond your SAT score or college acceptances!

We’ve put together a list of real-world skills that the SAT or ACT can teach you.

Critical thinking skills

As students attend college and then enter the real world, critical thinking or problem solving skills are crucial to helping them become engaged and successful members of their community. Whether it’s figuring out who to vote for, or learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, critical thinking skills allow students to analyze information and use it to make wise decisions. 

Time management

With such strict time limits, the SAT and ACT teach students to use their time wisely. Time management becomes especially important in the real world as college students have to manage their classes, studying, extracurriculars, social lives, and more. Good time management skills means that students can take on these tasks and succeed. 

Writing well

Writing well is important no matter what field a person enters. Whether it is writing a research report or writing an email to a boss, using proper grammar and sophisticated language are important skills that the SAT and ACT develop. 


Perhaps one of the most important math skills that is transferable to the real world is percentages. Knowing how to quickly and easily figure out percentages means you won’t have to spend 10 minutes fumbling in order to figure out what to tip the waiter.

A Stronger Work Ethic 

Most people don’t enjoy doing long assignments on the weekend, sitting through a long meeting, or staying at work past 6. But occasionally it’s bound to happen in your adult years. All the time and strenuous work you put into studying for the SAT or ACT means that you are developing a strong work ethic.

Most high school students that engage in standardized test prep will spend more time studying for the SATs or ACTs than any other test they’ve ever taken.  This is good practice not only for college, but also for post-graduate work. Does your student want a graduate degree? Then they’ll have to study for the MCAT, LSAT, GRE or GMAT.  Does your student want to be a financial professional? Then they’ll have to study for the CFA, CPA, or CAIA. Does your student want to be a working professional in any field? They’ll probably have to work one long-term projects that challenge them (and, at times, bore them), but are necessary for success. 

All in all, the comprehensive prep for SAT and ACT can do more for your student and their future than just the score itself!

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