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Streamline Learning

What if brilliance wasn’t about the ideas in your head?


What if it was about the size of your heart?  What if the key to learning were unconditional love?

Over the course of 15,000 hours of tutoring, CEO Ian Siegel has watched bright student after bright student struggle to learn at their potential—primarily because their hearts are offline.

Statistics tell the same story.  Psychological conditions and learning disabilities are rampant in children today.  And based on Ian’s experience, the smartest students typically struggle with both. 







Rates of mood disorders and learning disabilities in children:

  • Autism rates are now 1 in every 36 children (CDC, 2020)
  • 6 million children aged 3-17 are diagnosed with ADHD (2016-2019 data)
  • 14.5-43.5 million children and adults are diagnosed with Dyslexia
  • 31.9% of adolescents ages 13-18 are diagnosed with Anxiety (2001-2004).
  • Approximately 5.8 million children ages 3-17 are diagnosed with Anxiety & Depression (2016-2019)
  • In 2021, 22% of all high school students seriously considered attempting suicide (10% actually committed suicide).

By working with doctors who are pushing the limits of what we know about the brain, Ian has discovered that these challenges can be up to 100% alleviated through a medical protocol called The Shoemaker Protocol. 

Ian’s taken this work further to find that these conditions are indirect window’s into the specific type of genius your child possesses:


Incredible perceptual powers and powers of anticipation


Impressive ability to learn on the fly and turn that learning into action


Incredible memory and ability to distill what’s important from the past


Uncanny ability to think from and integrate the perspective of others


Innate creativity that makes them best at changing others’ minds


Powerful analytical faculties that help them catch important realities others miss

You may already notice your child shows flashes of brilliance in the specific ways mentioned above. However, the difference between smart and genius is a matter of time.  Specifically, how much time does your child spend in a mental state conducive to accessing their iSavant?

In Ian’s experience, the students with the most potential tragically spend most of their time responding to the fact that they are experiencing chronic neuroinflammation, which pushes them off the present and causes them to embody one or more of their Unconscious Ego types (uEgos) rather than their iSavant:

Control Freak

Obsessed with social rules and living up to conventional standards

Escape Artist

Tendency toward fantastical thinking and seeking out constant affirmation for their uniqueness


Trapped by addictive behaviors and a tendency toward economizing pleasure and pain

Invisible Ingratiator

Victim of self-sacrifice because of need to appease others to feel safe

Debbie Downer

Checked out from and numb to the outside world

Goodbye uEgo: addressing the reality hiding in plain sight

What’s important to remember is your child’s uEgo type isn’t who they are.  It’s their response to stress.  So the first step to unlocking your child’s iSavant is mitigating that stress. For 26% of children, the primary cause of the stress isn’t bullying or technology or the fear of a school shooting.  It’s not even nagging parents!  It’s that they have genes that make them vulnerable to their environment.

These genes are called Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLAs) found on chromosome 6.  They’re all related to your immune response (your fundamental learning system), and specific, different HLAs are associated with the conditions above. That’s why the type of genius that you could be is determined by your genes, but whether you’ll be that genius is determined by your physical environment.  And more than anything observable in your environment, the invisible microbes we surround ourselves with have the most significant impact on our brain health.

Primary source of those toxins for children today:

    • School & old homes (chemicals, mold, and indoor bacteria that produce toxins)
    • COVID-19 (HLA genes + infection = Long COVID)
    • Food (eg chemicals like glyphosate in gluten/wheat)
    • Lyme’s Disease (produces toxins some individuals can’t metabolize)
    • Blue Green Algal blooms (produces toxins some individuals can’t metabolize)


    The Shoemaker Protocol involves a binder that is mixed with water and doesn’t enter your bloodstream when you drink it.  Typically, children take it for 1-2 months (or until symptoms subside).  Its opposite charge helps bind it to toxins that the 26% of affected children aren’t able to metabolize otherwise. Learn more here.

    Unlocking your child’s iSavant:  From a broken heart to unconditional love

    Ian works closely with your iSavant doctor and your child to bring out their unique brand of brilliance. When children have been struggling with one or more of the above conditions for a significant amount of time, they have typically learned to shut down their heart.  This means that they struggle to think from others’ perspectives beyond what they already know and they’re quick to scapegoat their negative feelings on someone or something in the outside world, fundamentally inhibiting their ability to learn.

    These habits are challenging to break, but as the best tutor in the country, Ian has done so successfully in the content of SAT and ACT tutoring without his students pursuing the Shoemaker Protocol simultaneously.

    When students do, they wake up to their cognitive potential.

    Savant coaching helps lift students out of the mental patterns that have kept them from being the happy geniuses they were meant to be all along.  They learn to chase the unknown and love themselves enough to take the risks that make them happy. In short, Ian teaches your child how to follow their heart.

    Price: $10K

    20, 30-45 minute sessions

    **Note: Ian only takes on a handful of students each year and is selective about whom he chooses to work with.  The process can involve dramatic lifestyle changes, and Ian will only accept clients who are willing to make those changes and put their brilliance first.**

    Streamline Learning

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