“Higher education holds itself out as a kind of universal church, outside of which there is no salvation.”

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Our Process

Diagnostic Phase
(1-2 sessions)

After taking an official GRE or GMAT,
your tutor will review your results
during the first 1-2 sessions,
incorporating high level strategy and
conceptual discussion. This insight will
dictate the pace and focus of the skill-
building phase.

Skill-Building Phase
(6-8 sessions)

This phase isolates important concepts
and strategies on the GRE or GMAT to
help you master them in digestible
bites. This process levels up your
baseline abilities, making strategies
more effective on practice tests.

Practice Test Phase
(6-8 sessions)

Students now switch to full-length
official practice tests, incorporating
strategies and time management
techniques to build on the foundation
that is created through the skill-
building phase.