We make your potential your destiny.

Research tells us that the experiences people have as adolescents dramatically impact their prospects for success the rest of their lives.  At Streamline, we’ve used our thousands of hours 1-on-1 with students to understand why.  This continuous study serves as the basis of our approach with every student and is the core of our education planning service, which comprises three key components.

1. Understanding Your Potential

We use the results of a cognitive assessment and personality test to open students’ eyes to their potential and help them recognize narratives about themselves may be limiting their growth.


Once students understand their potential, we help them identify specific areas of growth that will allow them to fulfill that potential in college and their careers.  Simply put, we help students develop a roadmap to becoming the best version of themselves.


College admissions and the job market have now become globally competitive. With stiff competition, it’s easy to fall into the trap of avoiding challenges that might lead to failure and a stain on a college or job application.

And yet, we know that failure is the basis of rapid, authentic learning and growth. With every education planning commitment, we offer a strategic plan that navigates these realities, putting our students in a position to authentically learn and develop without the negative ramifications of a bad grade in school.

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